(short for al-hamdu li-llāh الحمد لله)

is an evolving experiential art installation and archive created by MIPSTERZ that explores Muslim Futurism—a cultural and artistic imagining of a Muslim future free from the oppression* of today, set in a utopic tomorrow of our collective creation.

*consists of—but not limited to—anti-black racism, orientalism, homo-trans-xeno-Islamo-phobias, sexism, settler colonialism, white supremacy, nativism

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ALHAMDU visually and interactively envisions a future where Third Culture is the dominant wave, where Muslims exist loudly alongside each other in their found-families. 


This is a surreal, multi-chromatic journey.


This is a bright world that exists tomorrow, shared today. 


The project will take shape in the form of a physical and digital immersive art installation with related public programs.


In order to focus our exploration, we have selected 5 core themes that reflect the legacies and intersections that have come to define American culture and history: Imagination, Identity, Community, Resistance, and Liberation.


Each theme is explored from an artistic and academic lens that interactively considers what “Muslim Futurism” means, draws from, and works toward.

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ALHAMDU installations consist of original MIPSTERZ  artwork and contributions from Muslim + Muslim-adjacent + ally artists.


We invite artists to contribute to our growing archive of Muslim futurism art.  


ALHAMDU public programs are designed to be accessible and expert-informed to foster meaningful dialog and understanding.


We seek input from academics, community leaders, and thought-provokers to broaden our capacity for analysis and imagination.

We invite thinkers to share their ideas, critiques, and conceptions of Muslim futurism. 

Want to get involved?

Let us know!



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Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art
Center for Afrofuturist Studies (Public Space One)
The Center for Afrofuturist Studies
Colorado College
Fractured Atlas
Duke University
University of Miami
Zoo Labs
The Shed

*Support for Alhamdu is provided by the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art’s Building Bridges Program.